Aetna Implements Joint Ventures to Improve Member Care

Aetna has partnered with four networks: Arizona, Minnesota, Texas and Virginia. With Aetna’s efforts in creating joint ventures with health systems in these states, we can expect to see value-based care increase for members. “Vision 2020” is the strategy Aetna is taking. The goal is to ensure 75 percent of contracts with Aetna are in value-based care models within the next four years. They also want to slowly implement an increase in quality of care rather than quantity.

Value-based care models

According to CMS, “value-based programs reward health care providers with incentive payments for the quality of care they give to people with Medicare.” Because of these incentives, it provides the patient with better care and lower costs. A person’s health care experience can be frustrating and confusing, and because of this, Aetna plans to combat that experience by implementing joint ventures with health care systems.

A timeline of Aetna’s efforts

In 2013 Innovation Health flowered because of a partnership between Aetna and Inova Health in Northern Virginia. Since the launch of Innovation Health, members have experienced measurable improvements in their quality of care. After seeing how successful it turned out to be, Aetna continued to partner with various health care systems.

Aetna signed their next partnership in 2016. Texas Health Resources in Dallas-Fort Worth agreed to join Aetna. Their joint efforts strive to provide better health care experiences to members. The main goal of the joint venture is to identify at-risk patients and get them into care earlier before the problems occur. In addition to providing preventative care, the joint venture provided physicians with advanced population health technology. This device helps members manage chronic conditions.

In October 2016, Aetna partnered with Banner Health. The partnership will offer a neighborhood care model to the people in the Phoenix, Arizona area. And much like the other partnerships, it will provide better quality of care and upgraded technology.

In addition to the previous partnerships, Allina Health and Aetna is the most recent partnership with over 4,000 physicians in the network. This network will be specific to Minnesota. Their goal is to work together to develop innovative approaches to health care management.

Aetna strives to better the health care industry. As a result of their extensive efforts, it’s no doubt that they are setting the trend for quality care across the nation. Aetna has prided themselves on developing better outcomes for patients rather than just purely on volumes of services. As the old saying goes, quality over quantity.

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