5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out This Winter!

During the chilly fall and winter seasons it can be easy to stay huddled and warm in bed all day. Heavy clothes, hot chocolate, and big holiday dinners are much more appealing to look forward to in the future, but it’s important to work out and stay healthy even if you’re feeling lazy. Here are some top motivational tips for you to stay active this winter.

Have Your Family Get Involved

You’ll have much more fun getting your family to work out than you would trying to isolate yourself. Create a competition between one another on who can do the most sit-ups or jumping jacks in a day. You could even set an end of the winter season goal of who lost the most weight. Regardless of how you go about it, I guarantee it will feel much less like a burden!

New Workout Gear – New You

Snagging some new shoes or new comfortable clothes for the gym can help you create a fresh start to your workout regime. If you haven’t been working out at all, use the retail therapy as an opportunity to put those dollars toward your health goals rather than spending it on fast food. It’ll be easier on your wallet and your soul.

Get Creative

Do you find yourself wanting to be cuddled up all day in a blanket lying in bed? Instead of using your blanket as a source of warmth, try using exercise! Dance around your house to Christmas music. Make putting up decorations an exercise, or embrace the cold and adventure outside! There are endless ways to enjoy working out without actually believing that you’re working out.

Netflix and Treadmill

Still need to catch up on some shows and don’t believe you have enough time to work out? Why not put the two together! Make it fun and create a game out of it. For example, every time a certain thing happens in the show (someone cries, or breaks up, etc.) speed up your running or walking for 30 seconds. Variations in running speed are great for your joints and for losing weight.

Use the Cold Weather to Your Advantage

If you have a routine already and are getting bored of it, try mixing it up by doing some winter inspired workouts instead. Go on a skiing trip either by yourself or with family. Or you can try ice skating and sledding (running back up that big hill will get your heart rate up). Doing some childlike exercising is a great way to make sure your work out routines don’t become dull.

Here at Empower, we care about the community and want everyone to live their lives as fully and happily as possible. Let these tips be your first step to motivating yourself to stay fit during the winter season.

We want to help you and your family stay healthy and secure.

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