Tips for Getting Active Again

Getting active again


With lockdowns, staying home, and avoiding group activities, this past year has made getting active to be quite the challenge. Now, many people have found themselves starting to exercise again after months or even a year of not being active. Getting started again can feel discouraging when you realize you are not able to do the same routine you left off with. Easing into things is key.

Take it Slow

When getting started again, it is important to take it slow. Consider your activity levels now versus what they were before. You may be tempted to “go all out” in your first workout back but this is really the wrong approach. You will risk injury that will set you back further or the next day may find you in severe pain from pushing too hard.  It may take several weeks or months to get back to where you were before. It is best to gradually increase your time and resistance in order to avoid injury and give your body adequate time to repair and rebuild strength.

Stretching is Essential

Make sure you are also incorporating stretching into your routine. Stretching is an important aspect of health and will increase your range of movement and comfort, making your exercise routine easier. This part of your exercise routine may seem like an easy part to skip. However, when you stretch on a regular basis, you are taking important steps to protect your joint and muscle health. Limber muscles perform better during exercise and are less prone to injury.

Remember to Rest

Giving your body enough time to recover is just as important as all the rest. Our bodies spend that time repairing muscles and becoming stronger in the process. During a workout, our muscles endure microscopic tears. Time spent resting allows your muscles to heal. Resting will also help to prevent your body from becoming fatigued. This is important as muscle fatigue will slow down your progress and hurt your ability to perform. By following these three main tips, you will find yourself well on your way to becoming active again.


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