Three Steps for a Morning Routine

Troubled Start?

Do you find yourself constantly hitting the snooze button, falling out of bed, rushing to get ready, and arriving at your job already stressed and running towards the coffee? No judgment here, morning does not come easily for us all. However, a morning routine may be just what you need to start your day off on the right foot.


You may be asking “how can getting up earlier make mornings any better?”. The answer is simply that by gifting yourself with some “me time” before starting to concern yourself with everyone else, you will find yourself feeling more relaxed and in control of your day. Consider it a chance to ground yourself and fully address your own needs. By creating this space, you will likely find yourself happier throughout the day.

Three Steps

First, you need to establish what things will help you best start your day. It does not need to be a killer workout at 5 am although that is truly amazing if you decide to go that route. It can be as simple as taking time to sip a cup of tea and write in a journal for 15 minutes. You may find that doing some light stretching or spending time meditating will be enough to get your body going in the morning.

Next, decide how much time you will commit to gifting yourself to do these things in the morning. You should really start small here. If you struggle to wake up, then you probably do not want to set your alarm an hour earlier. Try giving yourself an extra 15-20 minutes at first. It may help to go to bed a little early to help compensate. Once you get into a small routine, you may find that you want more time for yourself and increase your time from there.

Lastly, you have to commit. You have to make the decision that you are a priority first and foremost. When you take the time to serve your own needs, everyone else will benefit. Taking this time will help you go through your day responding with control instead of in reaction to everything around you.



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