US citizens struggle under the enormous burden of increasing medical debt.  Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.
Capital Capitol  It’s no secret that Americans have long been plagued by medical debt that they cannot afford.  A single trip to the doctor can end up costing hundreds or thousands of dollars even with insurance, and patients are frequently left without any form of aid or debt forgiveness.  What […]

Medical Debt Pushes Many Americans to the Brink of Survival

after the pandemic
We Should Continue These Things After the Pandemic With vaccine distribution starting, there is a glimmer of hope that things will eventually be somewhat back to normal. It is hard not to want to scream for joy at the thought of returning to pre-Covid times. However, I believe there are […]

We Should Continue These Things After the Pandemic

patio igloos
The restaurant industry has taken a gigantic hit since the restrictions to contain the COVID-19 epidemic were enacted. Initial take out only rules were incredibly damaging, and the continuing capacity restrictions continue to impact profits. Some restaurants have turned to unique solutions such as patio igloos to keep outdoor seating […]

Patio Igloos Could Extend Outdoor Dining Through Winter

Doomscrolling is when someone constantly searches through social media and news website feeds looking for negative or saddening information. The amount of searching through bad news during COVID has increased dramatically and it has likely contributed to the increase in feelings of depression symptoms. Reasons For Increased Doomscrolling There are […]

Too Much Bad News During COVID-19

agents in the pandemic
The pandemic has drastically cut down on the amount of in-person interaction all of us are having with our family and friends. Likewise, the pandemic has further cut down on the interaction we have with people providing services like insurance agents. While this is our current situation, understanding your Medicare […]

Why You Still Need An Agent In The Pandemic

drive-in during covid
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entertainment business has been suffering and people have been desperately looking for any way to get out of their homes while staying safe. Enter the drive-in movie theater, a business idea from the 1930s that is oddly perfect for just this situation. […]

Drive-In Theater During COVID-19

mental health ramifications of the pandemic
A recent study by Metlife found that the pandemic has had quite a large impact on people’s mental health, especially younger employees. The study found that Gen Z employees were three times more likely to seek professional help for the mental health ramifications of COVID-19 than other age groups. Causes […]

Mental Health Ramifications Of The Pandemic

convalescent plasma blood donor
Recently President Trump announced that the Food and Drug Administration had approved emergency use for convalescent plasma treatment for COVID-19 patients. There have been positive signs that this could be an effective treatment, but experts caution that there is not enough data to know for sure. Trial Status and Use […]

Convalescent Plasma Approved For Emergency Use