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Consumer behavior is drastically changing the way agents do business, according to Capgemini and Efma’s World Insurance Report. The new “millennial mindset” has become the norm and more consumers are trusting their own findings when it comes to researching insurance policies and actually making the purchase – all online. The […]

Changing the Way Agents Do Business

During the American Revolution in 1775, colonists were fighting under multiple flags rather than uniting under one. The Second Continental Congress met in June of 1775 to create a unified colonial fighting force. Thus the Continental Army was created, under the first “American” flag, the Continental Colors. Many thought this […]

Flag Day is June 14th

Medicare Advantage vs Medigap
What You Need To Know About Medicare Advantage Original Medicare is a federal health insurance program that we are all familiar with. It is available to anyone turning 65 and consists of two parts: Part A (hospital insurance) covers inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing facility, hospice, lab tests, surgery, and […]

What You Need To Know About Medicare Advantage

Baby Boomers guide to social security
The act of planning is sometimes relaxing for people who enjoy organizing their schedules in advance, and what better plan to make than a vacation? Studies show that planning a trip in advance can boost your view of your social situation, economic means, and general well-being. While it is unlikely […]

Planning a Vacation Leads to Happiness

Healthcare workers need personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to stay safe on the job – now more than ever. Unfortunately, the materials used to make these in-demand items may actually be absorbing and carrying the virus that doctors, nurses, and patients are trying to avoid. Now that COVID-19 has […]

Material Treatment for Safer PPE

French illustrator Jean Jullien wanted to bring people together during quarantine in the only way he knows how: through art. He created the “Peace for Paris” symbol using the Eiffel Tower after the 2015 Paris terror attacks. Jullien created a black-and-green illustration capturing two individuals embracing through an iPad screen. […]

Connecting Through Technology

If you find that “laughter is the best medicine,” according to science you may be right! Having a good laugh reminiscing about childhood, or watching a movie or comedian could allow you to reap the many benefits of laughter. 1. Laughter Conveys a Message of Good Will. BMC Complementary and […]

Laughter: The Best Medicine?

Karen DeGeurin With our Houston office now up and running, we can thank our Houston Regional Sales Director, Karen DeGeurin for all her hard work. DeGeurin has been with Empower for a few months now and has already accomplished many feats. From getting new agents on board, working with agents […]

Karen DeGeurin: Leaving a Footprint in the Houston Market

Across the U.S., the lives of senior citizens have been upended as retirement communities take steps to protect vulnerable residents from COVID-19. Retirement communities offer services for older adults ranging from very healthy to very ill. They typically offer independent or assisted living as well as nursing home care. By […]

Retirement Communities on Lockdown

risk of heart attack
Respiratory problems are a typical repercussion of COVID-19, but doctors on the front lines are now discovering that another medical problem is arising. Many COVID-19 patients are becoming victims of heart problems, and ultimately dying of cardiac arrest. With data from the U.S., China, and Italy, cardiac experts are discovering […]

COVID-19 Takes a Toll on Heart Health