Remember Logins with One Easy Password Manager

Password, after password, after password. It seems we are constantly creating new log ins for different websites and mobile apps. And each one has different requirements for length, capitalization, symbols, and security questions. We all want proper security when it comes to our logins, but it is so difficult to remember each one separately. Many tend to use the same password for all their various websites and mobile apps which a very dangerous habit. If one account is compromised, then all of them are.

How do you protect yourself by producing secure passwords, without having to remember any of them?

One Password to Remember

LastPass is your free solution to generate a secure password EVERY SINGLE TIME you create a new login. The LastPass server saves all your logins for all your sites. All you do is create one secure password to remember, and LastPass will remember the rest.

Login Auto-fill

The first thing you need to do after you sign up for LastPast and install the browser extension, is go to your frequented websites and login. The extension will automatically drop down a box that asks if you want to save that Login information to the vault. The more you add, the less passwords to remember in the future. Now, anytime you revisit those sites, LastPass will auto-fill your login information. It is so easy and secure, you will want to save ALL your logins to LastPass!

Password Generation

Once the LastPass browser extension is installed, you will have access to your LastPass Vault. It contains all your websites and logins that you add. One of the best features about LastPass is the Password Generator tool. When you are creating a new login, you have the option to generate a completely randomized password that is unpredictable and secure. Options include character length, upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. This allows each login to be dramatically different and secure.

Change Passwords with One Click

What about all your current passwords? Are they too predictable and alike? It can be such a hassle to change passwords. A reset link is sent, you wait for it to arrive in your email, you enter a temporary code to verify, and only then can you change your password to something new. The process is tedious and time consuming. With LastPass, changing passwords is no problem. If you add your logins for your email accounts to the LastPass Vault, you can change passwords with one click! This feature is found in the edit screen for the website entry.

LastPass Mobile App

LastPass has you covered through your computers, but what about through your mobile devices? The LastPass mobile app is available for free through IOS and Android, and has direct access to your vault. Just download it, enter your Master Password, and you’re covered!

LastPass is Secure

You might be hesitant to put all your important information in one spot. So, how does LastPass secure and protect your information? LastPass uses strong AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to completely secure your vault. Data is encrypted locally on your device so even LastPass can’t access your information. The keys used to access your data are never sent to the LastPass servers and are not accessible by LastPass. To add even more security, you can add a two-factor authentication which requires another login step before gaining access to the vault.

LastPass is a no-brainer! Make your life easier and more secure and download it for free today!

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