Primary Care in the United States Drops

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Primary care in the United States drops significantly, according to a recent study. This is a cause for great concern among medical researchers who fear for the future of our health care system.

What Does This Mean for Americans?

It goes without saying that people with primary care live happier, healthier lives. With primary care, we are often being checked for any irregularities that may need immediate attention. hypertensionFrequent visits also maintain our well-being by ensuring we are receiving the proper nutrients and taking care of our bodies. Primary care used to be the norm but is seeing the most decline among the younger generation, as well as people without disabilities. An instructor from Harvard Medical criticized Americans for being “behind the curve when it comes to primary care.” He warned that we are only moving further away from good primary health care. Research from JAMA Internal Medicine showed that 2% less Americans had primary care in 2015 than they did in 2002. This information makes it hard for our health care system to stay afloat with all the money it costs to keep places up and running.

What Can be Done About Primary care in the United States?

Researchers suggest re-configuring the payment system to reflect what really goes into health care. Investments must be made into new technology in the coming years in order to keep up with new cures and procedures. They have also introduced newer, modern practices for health care. Patients can now contact their physician over the phone and get a quick evaluation. There are online chats to contact a physician or registered nurse, serving as a time saver for on-the-go generations. Lastly, of course, is ensuring all Americans have health insurance. Even with all the controversy over insurance and how everyone will afford it, researchers are adamant about affordable health care. Insurance must be available to all household incomes, people need to take advantage of what health care has to offer.

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