Medicare Telemedical Services

Medicare Telemedical Services

Medicare telemedical services are important for a lot of seniors who are not able to make it to the doctor’s office, especially with what’s going on right now in the world.

CMS is expanding its Telehealth rules and its benefits on a temporary and emergency basis. The expansion is part of the CARES act that was passed and signed into law at the end of March. The Coronavirus preparedness response supplemental appropriations act has set aside additional funding and assistance to doctors and patients that are needing to meet over a prior condition or those who just need to see a doctor in general.

CMS announced plans to help doctors build a program that gets them and their clients ready for telehealth services. Medicare is (temporarily) set to pay for Telehealth services and care at home, as well as nursing and assisted living facilities.

Telehealth services are audio and video communications between you and your health care professionals. There are specific Medicare rules for this, however, they are largely for your physicians and medical health professionals and have to do with HIPPA. These services protect seniors and doctors and other medical professionals from exposure to the coronavirus. You are able to talk to every doctor you need, from therapists to a traditional medical doctor.

While telehealth services were previously available to some people in rural parts of the country, it is now a common occurrence available to everyone in the country. You can check out for the other services that were added in the CARES act on a temporary basis.

When do these temporary services expire?

There is currently no official end time for this temporary service. However, you can find up to date information regarding telehealth services on or by clicking here.

Due to this rapidly changing global pandemic, we are trying to provide accurate, up to date information regarding Medicare and the coronavirus. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 888-539-1633.

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