Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage for Traveling Consumers

Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage for Traveling Consumers

National Sales Director, Dewayne Long clarifies if a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan is better for a consumer who travels regularly.

When you turn 65, and hopefully you’ve retired, now it’s time to get in the RV and start traveling. If you travel a lot, and you have homes in places like New York, Florida, or Scottsdale, Arizona. You have an advantage obviously, you have two homes and two locations and you’re traveling a lot.

If you travel frequently, I highly recommend considering a traditional Medicare Supplement with stand alone prescription drug coverage. For example, imagine you have an emergency as you’re traveling. If the doctor accepts Medicare Part A and B, you can go anywhere. It gives you flexibility, which is what you want if you’re traveling. You can compare and contrast that to Medicare Advantage.

Most of Medicare Advantage- especially HMO, are going to restrict your care to major metropolitan areas. This is going to mandate where you go and restrict you to certain doctors. Also, you may have to get a referral to go see your specialist, which restricts you. They have to provide emergency treatment but it could complicate things. To be able to get the care, the doctors and the hospitals on the same page to bill the Medicare Advantage.

If you can afford it, and it meets your needs, I would suggest that you always consider a stand alone Medicare Supplement. There are a lot of different companies that offer this, but we’re an unbiased opinion. The best advice I can give to you is to get with a company that has different plan options, and couple that with drug coverage. Obviously, if you have other considerations and do not travel as much, there would be other suggestions that we provide to you. But that’ll answer your questions if you’re doing a lot of traveling.

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