How to boost your energy – naturally

boost energy naturallyHow to boost your energy naturally

Studies indicate we’re all tired, so how can we boost energy naturally? First, let’s discuss what fatigue is. Fatigue is the physical and mental feeling of tiredness and reduced energy. Fatigue makes it difficult to think clearly and react quickly. In the workplace, fatigue decreases productivity and increases risk of injuries. Due to its prevalence, fatigue is reported to range from 7% to 45% in the general population. In fact, Fatigue is so common that a survey by the National Safety Council (NSC) found that nearly every worker in America, 97%, reported having at least one workplace fatigue risk factor.

A quick online search of how to naturally boost your energy will pull up a multitude of vitamins, herbs, and supplements. While there is no scientific proof that energy boosters like ginseng, guarana, and chromium picolinate actually work, Harvard Medical School reports several, proven ways to naturally enhance your energy levels.


Reduce Stress

Controlling your stress may be easier said than done, but research indicates stress-induced emotions consume huge amounts of energy. Practical solutions include meditation, exercise, getting more sleep or seeing a therapist. This really just skims the surface on stress management. Do some research to find stress-reducing tips that fit your lifestyle.


Learn to Say No

Overworking leads to fatigue. That’s a no brainer. But you may be surprised that overwork includes not only professional obligations but family and social obligations as well. Determine your priorities in order of importance and learn to say no. And if necessary ask for help with these obligations.



If you don’t currently have an exercise routine, start with a brisk walk around your neighborhood once a day. The fresh air will clear your mind and make you feel energized. It also gives your cells more energy to burn and circulate oxygen. Exercising almost always guarantees you’ll sleep more soundly, too.


Eat for Energy

To reduce fatigue, give your brain a steady supply of nutrients, says Harvard Medical. Eat small meals every few hours rather than three large meals a day. Examples of food that have been proven to help promote energy levels are bananas, fatty fish, brown rice, sweet potatoes, coffee, eggs, apples, dark chocolate, quinoa, oatmeal, yogurt, hummus, edamame, lentils, avocados, beans, oranges, green tea, nuts, beets and leafy green vegetables. On a side note, there is a lot of new research about “intermittent fasting” and how it relieves metabolic issues. Metabolic issues are known to lead to fatigue, so correcting that with intermittent fasting may be a solution to fatigue for some people.



Harvard Medical suggests “If you think you may be sleep-deprived, try getting less sleep. This advice may sound odd but determining how much sleep you actually need can reduce the time you spend in bed not sleeping. This process makes it easier to fall asleep and promotes more restful sleep in the long run.”

Here’s how to do it:

  • Avoid napping during the day.
  • The first night, go to bed later than normal and get just four hours of sleep.
  • If you feel that you slept well during that four-hour period, add another 15–30 minutes of sleep the next night.
  • As long as you’re sleeping soundly the entire time you’re in bed, slowly keep adding sleep on successive nights.


Limit alcohol

Many people believe an evening drink will help them sleep soundly at night. However, alcohol raises the body’s level of epinephrine, a stress hormone that increases heart rate, resulting in less sound sleep.

Drink more water

One of the first signs of dehydration is fatigue. We are constantly losing water through sweat, urine, and breathing. Consuming plain water can help you boost and maintain your energy levels.


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