Hospital Indemnity Plan from GTL

Welcome back to the Dynamic Duo with me, Allie Shipman, and my partner, John Shinn. We are with Empower Brokerage. Today, John and I want to talk to you about a great product that fits perfectly with your Medicare Advantage plan. Guarantee Trust Life, or GTL for short, is a company with a large suite of products, including Medicare supplement plans, cancer plans, critical illness plans, and more. Today, we are going to talk about GTL’s Advantage Plus hospital indemnity plan, which is one of the best hospital indemnity plans on the market.

Perfect Pair with Medicare Advantage

GTL’s Advantage Plus hospital indemnity plan is perfect to pair with your Medicare Advantage plan. You have the option for the benefit to pay $100 to $600 per day if you are admitted to the hospital, and the option of choosing a 3, 6, 10, or 21 day period (depending on your state). The benefit restores after 60 consecutive days of no hospital confinement.

There are also different riders you can add to the plan. This includes dental and vision, a lump sum cancer plan, skilled nursing facility, outpatient surgical, and lump sum hospital rider. Rate stability is a big plus of the Advantage Plus hospital indemnity plan. They have not had an increase in rates in 11 years! That is really great for people who like these kinds of plans.

It is guarantee issue for ages 64 ½ to 65 ½ and is guaranteed renewable for life. So, as you are in the process of signing up for your Medicare Advantage plan during this annual enrollment period, be sure to let your agent know that want to talk about the Advantage Plus Hospital indemnity plan from GTL. It offers many options for coverage and fills in some of the gaps in your Medicare Advantage plan. Now let’s go to John who will talk a little bit more about hospital indemnities and why they are important.

GTL Is a Company You Can Trust

Allie did a great job of explaining the benefits of Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company and their hospital indemnity plan, called the Advantage Plus. It is a great program that is very popular. Everyone who has a Medicare Advantage plan should really consider this type of plan. Hospital indemnity helps pay for hospital costs associated with inpatient stays in the hospital.

Most Medicare plans have a co-pay for inpatient stays and this type of plan provides cash for each day that you’re in the hospital. We want to encourage everyone to consider a plan like this. Guarantee Trust Life is one of our favorite companies, and they’ve been around for a long time. They are a very stable insurance company and are stable in their rates. I hope this helps and thank you for watching.

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