Diving into Senior Dating

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The elderly dating scene has recently become a topic of interest as ABC announced its first season of The Golden Bachelor. With a twist on the classic Bachelor franchise, The Golden Bachelor will follow 71-year-old Gerry Turner as he dates a group of women and eventually gives his final rose to a lucky lady.

That got me thinking – how do older people date? Obviously, not everyone can join a network reality show to find love, so how do they do it realistically? Younger people are finding partners on dating apps or on social media. Do seniors follow that same strategy? And what does dating look like for seniors?

If you are a senior looking to start over or a child trying to understand how your older parent can get into the dating scene, continue reading to learn more.

Senior Dating Online

The world has changed significantly, and people are no longer meeting each other like they used to. While it is possible to make connections in person, it isn’t as easy as online dating.

Luckily, plenty of dating sites exist to cater to an older or more intentional crowd. Silver Singles and OurTime are dating websites that only accept individuals 50 and older. Some dating sites require a monthly membership fee, a few photos of yourself, your interests, and what you seek in a potential partner. The website then matches with others who fit your interests and requirements, and you can begin chatting with them on the site before moving off.

Check out these safety tips for when you are ready to meet your date in person for the first time.

Keeping an Open Mind

Dating as a senior will not look the same as dating when you were younger. There are different intentions and different purposes that older individuals pursue in dating at a later age. Some seniors are simply looking for companionship and fun. Many older people who start dating have already been married and may be widowed or divorced, so they may not be looking for another marriage.

Similarly, since seniors are looking for companions, they abandon all superficial thoughts that would have been a big deal when they were younger. Appearance, economic background, age, ethnicity, and religion can all fly out the window for a compatible pairing.

Senior Dating Scams

Unfortunately, many scammers find the elderly an easy target for their scams. Especially with online dating, it is easier for these scammers to pretend to be a user on the dating site and talk to the senior with the intention of stealing money from them.

Read up on these dating scams and how to look for red flags.

Ultimately, we all crave human connection. That remains true for older individuals who have experienced loss or retirement and want companionship in their free time. If you are a senior beginning to date, I wish you good luck, and have fun!

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