With AI tech slowly being integrated more into healthcare, we are seeing its benefits with breast cancer detection. One story reported by describes the benefits of AI with a breast cancer diagnosis. In some cases, it was able to detect cancer that was missed by human eyes. Although the […]

Breast Cancer Detection Sees Better Results With AI

New Stroke Guidelines
Concerns regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) are mounting, according to recent studies. This is due in part to the lack of testing on AI products already causing frightening errors to arise. IBM once boasted that its AI could “out-think cancer.” While bots are becoming increasingly smarter, can they overcome a fatal […]

Concerns Regarding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare We use AI, or Artificial Intelligence, every day. Whenever you pay your cable bill online and a chat box pops up asking if you need help, that’s AI. When you order your lunch straight from your phone instead of going out to pick it up, you […]

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare