What Can Silverscript Do for You? 2

We Asked David Russell, Empower Brokerage’s Regional Sales Director, “Why Silverscript?”

A Few Things You Should Know About Silverscript

  • It is a stand alone drug plan
  • They are owned by CVS
  • They have 9600 retail outlets in 49 different states
  • Last year in 2017, they had 5.5 million enrollees, which places them as number one out of all the drug carriers in the market. This means seniors are actively choosing Silverscript!

Why Should You Choose Silverscript?

Simplicity! Silverscript has 2 offerings. Within these offerings, they have great formularies. You won’t be getting a thin magazine style list of drugs that are going to be covered. Both offerings can be compared to the old school yellow phone books in terms of thickness, with hundreds of pages covering hundreds of drugs. As a result, you’ll see that around over 33,000 drugs are going to be covered in their formularies.

When discussing your stand alone drug choice with an agent and Silverscript comes up, you can take comfort in knowing your agent is certified, prepared, and he’s bringing you this as an option because there is:

  1. $0 Deductibles on all their tiers
  2. You’ll have some gap coverage on preferred generics and generic drugs
  3. They do offer preferred pharmacies as well as standard pharmacies. Furthermore, Silverscript has about 26,000 preferred pharmacies and about 41,000 standard pharmacies. What this means is you can fill your prescription at a preferred pharmacy and pay a lower copay. If a preferred pharmacy is not available, you can go to a standard pharmacy for a little higher copay.
  4. Silverscript has mail order so you’ll see many of the generic drugs have a $0 copay for a 90 day supply. The mail order service can actually save you money by offering $0 copays on drugs that would otherwise have a slightly higher copay if picked up in the pharmacy.

When discussing your healthcare, if Silverscript comes up, take comfort in knowing Silvescript was the #1 in the amount of enrollees in 2017 for any drug company.

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2 thoughts on “What Can Silverscript Do for You?

  • Christine Weaver

    I’m looking for any type of nexium or generic form prescription.i had been on nexium and generic before.i have painful stomach aches.in the 90s there was a chaulky liquid I was taking for my acid reflux then it was gone(aquagel?) I’m currently on prilosec because silver script said not covered for nexium or generic so the prilosec was the next best thing but not lately.can I get alittle help here?