6 Ways to Reduce Stress By Decluttering Your Life

6 Ways to Reduce Stress By Decluttering Your Life

It is nearly impossible to avoid stress completely, especially in today’s world. There are, however, ways you can manage and reduce stress. Having too many things on your plate at once can trigger feelings of anxiety. This is where decluttering your life comes in. Organizing and prioritizing the important things in your life and eliminating the unnecessary stressors can greatly improve your day to day. This process can also be cathartic, helping you move on to new experiences. Here are 8 ways to reduce stress via decluttering your life:

  1. Stop making impulsive purchases

    • When you buy impulsively, you don’t allow yourself to weigh your options. Do you really need this? Do you really love it? If not, don’t buy it. Impulsive purchases can also quite literally clutter your life, by accumulating “stuff” you don’t need.
  2.  Let go of toxic people and relationships

    • This is something that can weigh you down mentally and emotionally. If someone is constantly taking your time and energy without reciprocation, you may want to ask yourself if this is a healthy relationship. Take a step back and ask yourself it is worth your time and energy. Are you willing to continue to support this person, or should you move on for the sake of your sanity?
  3. Limit social media

    • If you are constantly checking social media, try to reduce this. There are so many mediums of exposure today, it can feel hard to let go of social media, but it could be good for you. Always checking in and constantly being plugged in could subliminally be negatively affecting you. Try limiting your social media and see how you feel.
  4. Downsize your closet

    • Chances are, you have a lot of clothes you never wear. Decluttering your external life will help you declutter your inner life. Look at each article of clothing and recall the last time you wore it. If it was over a year, you can probably live without it. Donate it to a shelter, or a second-hand shop.
  5. Clean out your car

    • Especially if you spend a lot of time in your car commuting, keep it clean. Spending time in a small space that is cluttered and messy doesn’t feel good. Remove anything that does not need to be in your car. Throw away garbage, and even vacuum and dust it. Every time you get out of your car look around to see if there is anything you can take out of it.
  6. Delete things off of your phone

    • Go through your smartphone and delete anything you don’t use. Old apps you haven’t touched, or even old pictures you don’t need. Remove the clutter and the unnecessary distraction they might cause.

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