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Everyone has Questions about Medicare Let’s get to the bottom of of them

Question: What happens to Plan F?

Answer: Well the truth is, no one knows. The most likely outcome is that once the plan F goes away in 2020 the prices are more than likely going up. We don’t expect the plan will go up exponentially but we do expect a moderate to decent rise in prices.

Question: What happens if you are past 65 and you still have not enrolled in Medicare?

Answer: Part A is automatic, Part B is optional when you turn 65. Part B does have a premium. People can defer Part B while they are on a group plan or other plans. However if you have no coverage than you can be penalized. That could mean fines and fees that you are liable for.

Question: Whats the difference between MA, MS and Medigap

Answer: Medicare Advantage are all different plans, these plans can include a Part D plan as well as dental, vision and hearing. While Medicare Supplements are all standardized plans, these plans include Part A and Part B. Medigap refers to various private health insurance plans sold to supplement Medicare.

Question: Is there a plan replacing Plan F for Med Sups?

Answer: Not in the sense that there will be a direct replacement. However the next best plan that is similar to the plan F is the Plan G and Plan N. However Plan G and Plan N do not cover the Part B deductible as the plan F once did.

Question: Can I travel outside of my Medicare Advantage’s plan service area?

Answer: You can travel outside of the area, however you have restrictions on your plan once you travel outside of the service area. Additionally if you travel continuously outside of the service area for more than 6 months you are automatically disenrolled. However with Medicare Supplements, the plans are all the same. Therefor you can travel across the United Stats and use your plan with almost no interference or issues.

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