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Navigating the modern media is becoming more challenging day by day with an increasingly digital format. With this, comes the greater possibility for news outlets and writers to publish information that may not be entirely accurate or contain misleading information. In a world where media outlets are relying on digital KPI’s (key performance indicators) to drive revenue to their company, the principles of journalism are being pushed to their very limits. Here are some ways to make sure the stories you are reading online are reliable and true.

Two or More Rule

When reading an article on the internet that contains information about a topic – whether it be a public figure, a new policy, a significant event – make sure that at least two news outlets are reporting the same thing. If you see an article on one website that is not being reported by any other outlet on the internet, there is a good chance that the article is not true or contains misleading information.

The same goes for a single story itself. If there are two or more sources cited within the story, then the accuracy of the information is more likely to be true than not.

Furthermore, to get the full picture of an event or occurrence, read articles from multiple outlets about the same event to get more than one perspective on the issue.


On the majority of social media sites, journalists and legitimate news outlets can be distinguished with a verification badge, distinguishing themselves from unverified sources. Before you read something, make sure the source is verified so you know the information is coming from a reliable place.

Anyone with internet access has the tools to publish articles with just a few clicks of the mouse, which makes it more difficult to decide which sources are credible and which ones need to be avoided. Following these two rules will help weed out a lot of bad information you might be reading online, and give you a more fair look at everything going on around the world right now. By checking that the source is verified and hearing it from multiple different sources, you can feel ensured that what you are seeing online is credible information.

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