Lessons Grandparents Teach their Grandchildren

People always say, “Grandparents get to spoil the grandkids.” In a lot of ways, this is true. Grandpa gives you some extra dessert, or he lets you stay up later than mom and dad would let you. It is a perk of being a grandparent. The bond between a grandparent and a grandchild is special. Grandchildren’s lives are greatly influenced by the guidance of grandma and grandpa. Lessons passed downed from generation to generation are priceless. These are just a few of the many lessons grandkids learn from their grandparents.

Skills Not Taught in School

Back in the day, most school curriculums included courses in home-ec which taught useful skills like cooking, nutrition, family relations, sewing, and home finances. These skills are necessary as adults, yet so many college graduates do not even possess the knowledge of how to make a budget or sew on a button. Grandparents can pass on these skills and tips to improve their grandchildren’s lives.


Grandparents gain many years of life experience in their time. There is a lot to be learned from growing up in a different era, building careers, and raising children. They have a big picture view of life that younger generations do not. Grandparents know what is important in the grand scheme of things, and what is not. Passing on this wisdom gives grandchildren a new perspective when they are going through hard life challenges.


As we all know, grandparents love to share stories. Whether it is family history or their perspective on historical events, these stories shed light for grandchildren that they would not otherwise receive. Who doesn’t love funny stories about their parents, or how their grandparents grew up in a different time? Grandkids will get a laugh, and they will learn something new every time.


Kids these days have more distractions than ever to keep them from focusing on important tasks. With smart phones and tablets, entertainment is easily accessible for children. It easy to be distracted when attempting to accomplish big goals. Grandparents did not have those distractions when they were kids. They had to learn the art of discipline. They can help guide their grandkids to learning how to focus their minds to accomplish their goals.


Everyone has heard the classic anecdote of how grandparents had to walk for miles in the snow to school in back. There is no doubt that our grandparents had to work through hard times. Some grew up in poverty or through the depression. These experiences bring to light what is important in life, and how building resilience makes you stronger. Grandchildren can learn from their grandparent’s experiences, and work harder to push through challenges and hardships.

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