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At Christmas, grandparents sit on a couch with their granddaughter.

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The 25th of December, Christmas day, is fast approaching. Do you have children and grandchildren coming over to your house? Are friends stopping by for a visit? How will you host and entertain these visitors?

Cook Delicious Food

If folks come to your house for the Christmas holiday, they probably will expect the host to provide something delicious to eat. Country Living has some good recipes that might interest you this holiday season. Browse their suggestions to find some delectable desserts, sides, and entrées. If you want a simple dessert to share with your houseguests, try creating Merry Cherry Hand Pies. These doughy fruit-filled treats are a sweet snack that will surely delight your family. You can substitute the cherries for another frozen fruit like peaches or blueberries. When you cook this dessert in advance, you can store the hand pies in the refrigerator to free you to complete other tasks. If you want to cook an entrée, you can’t go wrong with a traditionally roasted turkey. Country Living presents simple instructions on preparing your holiday bird with tasty seasonings and a clementine garnish.

Play Holiday Music & Sing Christmas Carols

Most people enjoy Christmas music, and playing holiday tunes at our gathering can help people feel more at ease amongst folks they have not seen in a while and those they barely know. Some of your guests might have different tastes, so you may want to mix it up with classic and modern favorites. To keep the music going, prepare a playlist in advance on your tablet or other devices to create a holiday atmosphere for your family and friends. If you want to save on purchasing music, try streaming with Pandora or iHeartradio. You can also go to YouTube and research a free playlist that fits the crowd you are expecting at your home. There will be advertisements between songs, but the commercial noise should help guests avoid awkward silence.

Do you have a family that enjoys singing? Print out Christmas carol sheet music to pass out to your guests, and make it a point to schedule time for singing carols. If you have a piano or other musical instruments, they will liven up the singing sessions and encourage everyone to participate.

Be Grateful

Traditionally, many families will share thankful thoughts during a Thanksgiving meal. Yet, family gatherings at Christmas offer another opportunity to express what you are grateful for in your life. You might even make a game out of it. Have everyone write down something unique they are thankful for on a small piece of paper and conduct a guessing game to see who wrote down each thought. If you think for a moment, you will realize there are many aspects of your life that allow you to express thankfulness. Little, big, or somewhere in between, you can be thankful for it because you cherish it.

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