Elderly Parent’s Home Safety

Elderly parents sitting in their home.

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If your aging parents are still living independently, it can be a little stressful to think about all the ways they can hurt themselves throughout the home. Additionally, if they do get hurt, who is going to be there to help?

Most adult children tend to have full-time jobs and need to take care of their own families. Therefore, it is not feasible to constantly keep an eye on your parents. However, there are some safety measures you can implement in your elderly parent’s home so you can sleep a little better at night.

Preventing Falls

Falling is one of the most common ways elderly individuals can get hurt. There are a few assistive devices you can place around the home. Hopefully, they can prevent any falls. Examples include:

  • Grab Bars. These bars attach to the walls to give an individual something to grab onto to avoid falling. You can implement them throughout the entire home.
  • Shower Benches. Depending on your parent’s needs, you may need to provide them with a shower chair or bench. They may not be able to stand for long periods of time. Additionally, having them sit prevents them from moving around in a slippery shower or tub.
  • Bed Rails. These rails can be added to a parent’s current bed and will catch your parent should they roll over and find the edge of the bed.

Combatting Memory Issues

Unfortunately, most older adults begin to have problems with their memory. Some of these issues include forgetting to take their medications, leaving the stove on, leaving doors open and unlocked, and so much more.

You can play a part in helping with these memory issues by placing notes and signs around the home, creating a routine that can be followed throughout the day and using labeled pill organizers for daily medications.

Home Automation and Security

Advancing technology now allows for upgrading nearly everything in a home to automation. That is good news for caregivers who worry about their parents living alone because now they can control their elderly parents’ homes from their own residences.

Thermostats and lightbulbs can be programmed to turn on and off at scheduled times. And they can connect to your smartphone for control. Similarly, home security systems can be monitored and set from your cell phone at any time of the day.

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