Beer With No Alcohol?

non-alcoholic beer

Beer With No Alcohol?

A beer with no alcohol seems kind of strange. However, there are many great reasons that may make this non-alcoholic beer an ideal alternative for the classic beverage.

The first and most obvious reason for switching over to a non-alcoholic beer is the fact that it has no alcohol. If you want to calm your drinking habits, or just enjoy a night out with no mind-altering effects, this might be a good alternative for you. You may ask, does it having no alcohol affect the taste? I am here to tell you that it does not! Breweries creating this type of beer are being extra careful in preserving the original taste of beer. For example, Heineken takes an already fully fermented beer and, through distillation and blending, removes the alcohol while still maintaining the taste.

If that wasn’t enough, another great reason to try non-alcoholic beer is the lack of calories. Alcohol compromises the bulk of the calories in a beer, so when you remove the alcohol, you are left with almost none. An average beer consists of about 150 calories, while the non-alcoholic beer only carries about 60-80. This means that no cheat day is necessary when you want to enjoy two or three drinks with your meal!

If you have ever been hassled by your group of friends, or other bar-goers, for drinking water, or a soda, a non-alcoholic beer is your best bet. Not that you have to, but if you wanted to “fit in” a little more while out with friends, it is a great option. It looks like a beer, smells like a beer, and tastes like a beer, so who can tell?

It will be a while before you see non-alcoholic beer on every menu. However, it is getting there little by little. It provides a good combination of the taste and feel of a good beer and the want and need of being sober.

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