Aetna: Nurses with No Boundaries

Imagine not being able to afford the healthcare you need for an extremely dangerous condition. And then worrying about whether you should even get the treatment. Or constantly stressing out about how you’re going to pay for the surgery that can save your life? Stressing out about the costs of healthcare is a situation that does not need to be imagined by a majority of Americans; it’ already a reality. But with Aetna’s new Nurses with No Boundaries program, there’s a window of hope.

What is Nurses with No Boundaries?

Nurses with No Boundaries is a program created for Aetna members that give nurse case managers the opportunity to provide a small amount of financial assistance to members annually. Let’s take this story as an example of what Nurses with No Boundaries is:

An Aetna member with chronic heart failure was unable to afford the cost of seeing a specialist after receiving a diagnosis showing a pancreatic tumor. A case manager then refers the cases to be reviewed by a clinical manager to make sure it fits the programs criteria. If it does fit the program, an Aetna medical director then provides financial assistance for the member’s special copay. This includes the expensive bill for blood-work. Paying for this service also lifts a large financial burden from the patient allowing them the healthcare access they need and the information they need to understand their new health condition.

Debra Hicks, the senior business program manager of clinical services at Aetna, states that the program helps empower their nurse case managers to identify fully-insured commercial members who are struggling with extraordinary life circumstances. They can even help members with needs that are not typically included in a health plan coverage, such as end stage renal disease. Another added touch, nurse case managers can also help a member arrange for meal services. They can also schedule Uber rides to pharmacies to pick up medications.

The future of Nurses with No Boundaries.

Nurses with No Boundaries has been a huge success recently. Thus, Aetna has decided to expand the program to Southeastern Pennsylvania markets and to Aetna Cares memberships. This initiative by Aetna really does push the boundaries of nurses. It shows the dedication they have for their patients, and hopefully, it will continue to grow. It also shows their determination for better healthcare services across the nation. Aetna raises the bar for other carriers to follow in the same footsteps. With that said, you can expect to see the Nurses with No Boundaries program expand to hospitals near you!

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