Concerned with your Security? Aetna Implements Behavioral Authentication

Aetna will not only have basic biometric security that implements facial and fingerprint recognition, but it will also begin to implement FIDO behavioral authentication within the next few years. First off, you might be wondering what behavioral authentication is and how it’s of any benefit to you. Simply put, behavioral authentication reduces fraud. It does so by monitoring specific ways the user interacts with their computer or mobile device. For example, it monitors keystrokes, swipe patterns, or mouse movements. By doing this, the app creates an invisible layer of security by tracking unique behaviors for you. Then, it compares the movements to score a match.

If a low score is recorded, this indicates that there are significant changes in user behavior. In other words, a low score equals a red flag. When a low score occurs, the app responds by asking for additional security information. Behavioral authentication is a great way to combat theft if your mobile device or computer has been stolen. So if a fraudulent user accesses your account, the app will detect the new movements and halt any further breaching.

So why exactly is this important? The Identity Theft Resource Center states that 36 percent of all breaches and 44 percent of all records compromised in 2016 were healthcare-related. Criminals use the healthcare information of their victims to steal their identity for schemes involving obtaining reimbursement for services that they have not received, which as a result could cost a victim hundreds of dollars and a lot of stress. Aetna hopes that by adopting FIDO it will combat the ever-increasing threats of sensitive healthcare data and set the bar for healthcare insurance security to influence other companies to implement the same tactic.  To learn more about how to protect yourself from health insurance fraud click here.

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