The Benefit of High Deductible F

Overview of high deductible F

High deductible F is a Medicare supplement mirroring the traditional Plan F, but with some big differences. It has the same robust coverage as the traditional plan f, but is much cheaper per month and has a yearly deductible of its own. Like original plan F, it has the most extensive coverage of any Medicare supplement and covers what original Medicare does not cover, like copayments, and coinsurance. The HDF is a great option for those trying to save monthly expenses and don’t mind risking the yearly deductible.

The difference

The only difference between high deductible F and plan F is that it does not pay what Medicare does not cover until the annual out of pocket pay reaches $2,200. Once you reach $2,200 in out of pocket pay, high deductible F becomes the exact same as plan F. This is a very simple plan to utilize. It is also one of the most popular Medicare supplements because of its extremely low monthly premium. The premium is generally in the $30-$50 range instead of the original Plan F at $150 or more. Because the HDF monthly premium is so low, it should be able to fit with most budgets.

Similarities to Plan F

Both of these plans pay for everything that Medicare approves but is not paid in full by Medicare. Plan F will pay for all doctor visits and hospital charges. Plan F and high deductible F have the exact same coverage benefits other than the differences stated above.

Review of high deductible F

Anybody who has a Medicare supplement should know about the high deductible supplement of plan F. This plan is offered along with all the other standard plans like, plan F, plan G, and plan N. It is attractive because of its low premium and meets budgetary needs. The plan is very simple and a good fit for people who are in good health and want to save monthly expenses.

Important reminders

Remember that different insurance carriers offer different rates. They have the freedom to decide the pricing as they see fit. Because Plan F and its high d version rates vary by region and carrier, it is important to check with a professional and find the option that best suits you.

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