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With the 2020 year about to begin, you might want to compare your Medicare options for the next year. One way to explore your options is through this year’s 2020 Medicare & You guidebook. The book can be used in many ways most notably providing you the information you need […]

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2020 brings more private insurance plans. Private insurers are increasing their plan offerings for Medicare Advantage. Here’s why you need to look closely. Journalist Philip Moeller the author of the book, “Get What’s Yours for Medicare,” and co-author of “Get What’s Yours: The Revised Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security.” recently […]

Private insurers are increasing their plan offerings for Medicare Advantage

Mutual of Omaha 2020 Prescription Drug Plans 6
Mutual of Omaha Rx (PDP) Mutual of Omaha is offering two new Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. These plans provide affordable prescription coverage to complete your Medicare benefits. The two new plans are called: Mutual of Omaha Rx Value enhanced plan and the Mutual of Omaha Rx Plus basic […]

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We Asked David Russell, Empower Brokerage’s Regional Sales Director, “Why Silverscript?” A Few Things You Should Know About Silverscript It is a stand alone drug plan They are owned by CVS They have 9600 retail outlets in 49 different states Last year in 2017, they had 5.5 million enrollees, which […]

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Save time and money by using Humana Pharmacy, which allows you to order, track and refill prescriptions from the comfort of your home. Humana Pharmacy offers: Free Standard Shipping The option for patients to be reminded by phone, text, or email when they are due for a refill 90 day […]

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Important Vaccines for Seniors Your immune system helps protect your body from foreign and potentially harmful threats. Bacteria, virsuses, toxins, and cancer cells are all examples of harmful substances that infect you. Your Immune system produces cells and antibodies that destroy these harmful substances. But your immune system has to […]

Important Vaccines for Seniors