vitamin d deficient

Feeling low? Tired? Moody? It could be because of a vitamin D deficiency! Photo by Armin Rimoldi on Pexels.
The Deal with Vitamin D Scientists estimate that over one billion people in the world are vitamin D deficient.  That means that at least one-eighth of all of the people on earth are suffering from a lack of this essential vitamin.  Despite the “urgent need” for vitamin D intervention worldwide, […]

Over 1 Billion People Aren’t Getting Enough of This Essential ...

vitamin deficiency
Women Of All Ages Lack These Vitamins Women tend to lack specific, yet extremely common minerals and vitamins, such as Vitamin D from inadequate sunlight exposure or Calcium loss during the natural aging process. Vitamin deficiency is especially true for women during pregnancy, or if they have dietary restrictions or […]

Women Of All Ages Lack These Vitamins