stop the spread of coronavirus

States Re-Open Nursing Homes As the United States attempts to re-open, nursing facilities have started to follow suit. Some are finally allowing visitors in order to lift the spirits of residents and their loved ones. Since the beginning of the pandemic, nursing homes have been completely off-limits to visitors. Now, […]

States Re-Open Nursing Homes

Elective Procedures Safety Measures The coronavirus pandemic has left people with many unanswered questions, such as questioning the status of their elective health care procedures. Some are wondering whether or not they should keep their elective care appointments or stay away from the doctor’s office altogether. Elective services that have […]

Elective Procedures Safety Measures

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to run rampant, Google Maps is introducing new features to help you find important information as you venture out each day. To ensure that everyone is following proper social-distancing rules, Maps has included a feature to let users know how crowded public transport is, and […]

Google Maps + COVID

Many people have been following the newest cases of coronavirus and wonder how it will affect the recent re-opening of the nation’s economy. With no end in sight to this vicious disease, some experts are predicting another complete economic shutdown. Some states are thriving now that they have re-opened many […]

Coronavirus Still a Threat for Many

Across the U.S., the lives of senior citizens have been upended as retirement communities take steps to protect vulnerable residents from COVID-19. Retirement communities offer services for older adults ranging from very healthy to very ill. They typically offer independent or assisted living as well as nursing home care. By […]

Retirement Communities on Lockdown

risk of heart attack
Respiratory problems are a typical repercussion of COVID-19, but doctors on the front lines are now discovering that another medical problem is arising. Many COVID-19 patients are becoming victims of heart problems, and ultimately dying of cardiac arrest. With data from the U.S., China, and Italy, cardiac experts are discovering […]

COVID-19 Takes a Toll on Heart Health

President Trump recently announced that telehealth services will be expanded to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Medicare now covers telehealth and this means providers will be reimbursed the same way they are for in-person consultations. Communicating with one’s provider virtually allows patients to avoid office or hospital visits, where […]

Medicare Covers Telehealth