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Omaha Supplement Insurance Company (OSIC) has been approved in the state of Texas. There are numerous Medicare supplement plans that come along with the Mutual of Omaha expansion. What Medicare supplement plans will be offered through Mutual of Omaha in Texas? Some of these plans will be changed because of […]

Mutual of Omaha is Moving to Texas!

What is a Medicare Supplement? Why should I consider one? Is there a difference between a Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plan? These are common questions that we hope to shed some light on. Difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage A Medicare Supplement, also known as Medigap, is a […]

Medicare Supplement vs Advantage

Within the vast field of Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements can be difficult to understand. Our goal is to help you understand this topic and clear up any type of confusion. What is Medicare? Before we go into Medicare Supplements, let’s make sure we have a clear understanding of Medicare. For […]

Basics of Medicare Supplements

Do you often find yourself waking up everyday feeling gloomy and unmotivated? Is the repetitive cycle of your life decreasing your enthusiasm for the future? Life can be overwhelming from time to time and the tough times can seem overbearing. Luckily, we’ve got a few helpful tips to get you […]

Improve Your Quality Of Life with These Seven Helpful Tips

Working out could be unappealing to people, but getting your daily amount of exercise is important when trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, especially for seniors. Whether because of health problems, weight or pain issues, or fear of falling, seniors tend to adopt sedentary habits. However, maintaining an active lifestyle […]

Hiking: Nature’s Alternative to Exercising at the Gym

A Medicare Supplemental Plan – typically referred to as Medigap plans – is a type of health insurance plan offered by Private Insurance Companies to help cover the “gaps” of Original Medicare. Normally, Medicare Part A and Part B, which together make up what is called Original Medicare, pass on […]

What You Need to Know about MediGap, a.k.a. Medicare Supplements