joint pain

Joint pain
The Importance of Joint Health Joint pain is a common but serious condition that may keep you from partaking in various day-to-day activities. Many people think of joint pain as something that only occurs in older adults, however, younger generations may also suffer from it. The key is to tend […]

How to Prevent Joint Pain

If you have ever been around an older person when the weather is acting up, they may claim that they can “feel it in their bones.” They believe that the changing weather is the reason for their aching joints. It is a common saying, but is there any truth to […]

Does the weather affect your joints?

Collagen Supplements
Anti-aging Collagen Supplements: bogus or legit Have you seen Collagen supplements in your local health food stores and thought “what’s this all about?” Collagen comes in the form of powders, pills, and creams. Countless manufacturers of collagen supplements claim anti-aging benefits. Everything from reducing wrinkles, joint pain relief, wound healing […]

Anti-aging Collagen Supplements: bogus or legit