Medicaid is on the rise thanks to an expansion that gives more people access to the program. A study shows expanded programs brought about lower rates of physical health decline. Harvard Medical School and Vanderbilt University collaborated on this research. The idea of the study was to capture the effect […]

Medicaid on the Rise

Becoming vegan at an older age has both risks and benefits. The diet puts many at risk for nutrient deficiency but can be a good way to boost your health. A vegan diet allows “no seafood, dairy, or other animal products,” which is where we receive many of our necessary […]

Becoming Vegan at an Older Age

Health Benefits of Peppermint Candy Canes
Are Peppermints good? Peppermints are good. They freshen your breath and remind us about the holidays. However, eating too many can be bad because of the sugar and empty calories. But did you know peppermints have hidden benefits? ALL ABOUT ANTIOXIDANTS According to, “Peppermint oil in candy canes contain […]

Are Peppermints Good For You?