herd immunity

As the pandemic has persisted, there have been increased cases of trauma-related mental health disorders, including COVID-related PTSD.
It’s Not Over Yet With a return to normalcy pending, people are itching to mark the pandemic’s end date on their calendars.  The Gallup, armed with data from the CDC and Johns Hopkins University, has estimated that herd immunity could be achieved as early as June.  However, eliminating a plague […]

COVID-19 and PTSD: Mental Health Outcomes at the Dawn of ...

How Do Vaccines Work? Vaccinations have been around since 1796, and have resulted in the eradication and control over multiple diseases worldwide. Smallpox killed millions of people before Dr. Edward Jenner discovered a vaccination in the late 18th century. Because vaccinations are usually considered preventative, many insurance plans cover these […]

How Do Vaccines Work?