healthy aging

senior couple being active by exercising at home
Retirement — a golden phase of life we all look forward to, right? But here’s a gentle reminder, my friend: It’s not just about taking a break from the daily grind. It’s about embracing new activities for seniors, allowing us to stay fit and active. The truth is that our […]

Active Retirement: Top 7 Activities for Seniors

Positive attitude towards aging
Attitudes Towards Aging Aging is an inevitable part of life. As you grow older, you will have developed your own attitudes and beliefs about your age, body, and mind. No matter your age, everyone will have their own ups and downs that they will have to navigate through. Your mindset […]

Aging With a Positive Mindset

Baby Boomers in 2020 will have all hit age 65 (some as old as 85). The amount of seniors in the nation will surpass the amount of children (age 13 and younger). While this doesn’t seem like a problem, some experts believe our nation is not ready for this shift. […]

Boomers in 2020