precision medicine
We personalize almost everything else, so why wouldn’t our health care be the same? Precision medicine allows health care providers to customize treatment options based on patients’ individual genes and lifestyle. Precision Medicine Precision medicine is a recent approach that considers individual differences in genes, environment, and lifestyle to determine […]

Defining Precision Medicine

medicare changes in 2021
Did you know every year there are changes to Medicare? It’s true. Each year, the government makes slight adjustments to Medicare by adding or removing benefits. Below are the current changes for 2021 from the Medicare and You Handbook for 2021. As always, consult with your Insurance agent to stay […]

Medicare Changes In 2021

Healthcare fraud exceeds $2 billion again making it the tenth year in a row according to an article released by the Department of Justice. With the current rate of changes in how medical care is provided, it has made the professional medical liability market a dynamic one. From an interview […]

Healthcare fraud tops $2 Billion Again, 10th Year in A ...

Aetna will not only have basic biometric security that implements facial and fingerprint recognition, but they will also begin to implement FIDO behavioral authentication within the next few years. First off, you might be wondering what behavioral authentication is and how it’s of any benefit to you. Simply put, behavioral […]

Concerned with your Security? Aetna Implements Behavioral Authentication