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group and individual health insurance
The Differences Between Group and Individual Health Insurance Health insurance is so important, especially with rising health care costs. An extended hospital stay or procedure can set someone back financially a great amount. In the past, most people were content with getting their health insurance from their workplace. It was […]

The Differences Between Group and Individual Health Insurance

dual eligibility
Almost all Americans know that Medicare is a government-funded healthcare program for citizens over 65. Most people also know that Medicaid is the government-funded healthcare program for low-income individuals. However, most Americans are not aware that if you qualify for both programs you may be enrolled in both, this is […]

Medicare & Medicaid: Dual Eligibility

Medicaid is on the rise thanks to an expansion that gives more people access to the program. A study shows expanded programs brought about lower rates of physical health decline. Harvard Medical School and Vanderbilt University collaborated on this research. The idea of the study was to capture the effect […]

Medicaid on the Rise